At Proper, we pride ourselves on charging fairly, and that’s why our services are structured slightly differently to most bike shops who will base their servicing levels on a very rigid checklist. Whilst this of course makes sense in theory, you often end up paying for extras you don’t necessarily need. We design our service packages to be flexible. You don’t have to bump up the service from a level 2 to a level 3, just because the checklist doesn’t stipulate a certain job is included. A bitof a servicing pick and mix, if you will.

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  • LEVEL 1 - £55

    This is a comprehensive check and adjust of your bike. It will include adjusting your brakes and gears, and checking every nut and bolt on your bike. It will include the labour if your cables, innertubes, or brake pads need replacing.

    This service is most appropriate for bikes that are just due a tune up, and have no major components that need replacing. Recommended every 3 months assuming semi-regular use of your bike.

  • LEVEL 2 - £120

    This will include everything the level 1 service includes, but the bike will also have a full professional clean of the whole bike, and the drivetrain degreased. It will include labour for fitting chains and cassettes, truing the wheels, as well as labour for up to 2 items from the following list: brake bleed, headset bearing replacement, bottom bracket bearing replacement, hub service.

    This service is most appropriate for bikes that have seen a fair amount of use since they last had a major service, and require some components replacing. Recommended every 6 months assuming regular use of your bike.

  • LEVEL 3 - £200

    This is a full stripdown of your bike. It will include everything the level 2 service includes, but with no restriction on how many items that need doing from the list supplied. It will include labour for everything required with the only exception being full suspension bikes requiring a full pivot bearing kit replacement (this will carry a surcharge based on time taken, the details of which can be discussed with the mechanic on shift).

    This service will leave your bike running as close to new as it will ever be again.

    This service is most appropriate for bikes that have seen heavy use, and require a lot of issues rectified. Recommended every 12 months assuming regular use of your bike.


No problem! We are happy to carry out any job, big or small, prices charged based on an hourly rate of £60 an hour for smaller jobs. Charged to the nearest 15 minutes.


A limited number of bookings are available online. Just click on the ‘Book Now’ button. If the date you require is not available, please call the shop directly to book your bike in.

The times given are approximate drop-off times. Please feel free to drop your bike off the afternoon before if this is more convenient for you. Our mechanics will be happy to give you a more accurate assessment of how long your bike will take to complete.

If for any reason you cannot make your booking, please cancel it online or let us know in plenty of time so we can plan our work schedule. Thank you.

(please note that service prices do not include any parts that may be required to fix your bike)

Please be aware that you are welcome to supply your own parts, but all of our pricings will carry a 50% surcharge if you wish to do this. We aren’t unreasonable: if you have the odd thing at home you want to use up, or we can’t supply what you need, we will not apply a surcharge, but it will be judged on a case by case basis. Please contact us if you wish to confirm details.