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Our Services include everything from puncture repair to complete overhauls with four standard levels of service. It starts with a FREE safety inspection of your bike. We are more than happy to look over your bike and let you know of any issues should there be any! Other levels or service include :

Basic Service - £55

This is a comprehensive service which involves a full check and tension of every nut and bolt on your bicycle. Our experienced technicians will check and adjust where possible - Headset, Stem, Levers, Brakes, Gears, Cables, Bottom Bracket, Crank Bolts, Quick releases/Wheel nuts, Tyre Check, Frame Inspection, Saddle, Grease Seatpost, Cone Check, Tighten Drop outs, Tyre Pressure Check and Test Ride. If your bike is super dirty, or it gets regularly used and abused then you may want our…

The Overhaul - £160

We will strip your bicycle back to it’s frame and clean every component. We’ll replace your cables, true your wheels and check spoke tension, service your hubs, tap the threads in your bottom bracket, clean and lubricate headset. Your bike will be as close to new as it’s ever been!

Basic & Clean Service - £70

This service is the same as a Basic Service but it also includes a full de-grease, clean and re-lubrication of your drivetrain, we’ll also wipe down your frame and wheels. You would expect to need this service every 12 - 18 months with recreational use, if you ride your bike hard everyday you may expect to need this service very 6 to 9 Months. If you ride your bike hard week in week out and you can’t remember when you had your last service then you may be in need of….

* (please not that service prices do not include any parts that may be required to fix your bike)


Puncture repair £16
includes a new tube!
Gear or brake service £40
Wheel True £25
Wheel Build/Re-build £25
Brake Bleed £25
Box your bicycle for flight £25
Build new boxed bicycle £50
Hub Service £25
Wrap bar tape £18

Part list

Inner cable £7
Outer cable £4
Full cable replacement £25
Brake pads £8
Any other parts will be specific to your bike - feel free to ask and we’ll be as competitive as we can!