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Your Position on your bike is vital for your comfort, injury prevention, efficiency and enjoyment. Even the smallest change in your bike set up can prevent injury and stop discomfort or pain experienced during riding. Anyone from a beginner to a seasoned professional can benefit from a bike fit.

Bike Fitting

At Proper Bike Fit, we use a combination of traditional techniques and a new approach to Body Geometry that pushes the boundaries of the traditional bike fit. We strongly believe that everyone is different and that your bike fit should be about you…. Not just what the numbers say.

We will spend up to 4 hours working on your fit and as we believe this is an ongoing process we include a one hour follow up session to tweak your position when you’ve had time to test it in the real world. By working with you and your bike we can find the ultimate riding position for YOU.

Our New Bike Fit studio is now open in Lewes, East Sussex. To book an appointment contact us on 01273 841611

Bike Fitting